Welcome to Enterprise Alpacas, nestled in the green and serene Treasure Valley in Southwestern Idaho, just north of Boise.

  Picture #1Update: Enterprise Alpacas has just received our 2012 clip back as "Sorted and Graded" by a Certified Sorter. I was astonished at the amount of information that was on that little half-sheet of paper! Each alpaca's blanket was hand sorted, lock by lock, for micron size of secondary fibers (the prime fiber) and the primary fibers *AKA guard hairs). These fibers were each given a Grade of 1 to 6, each number being a 2.5 micron range. Such as, a Number 1 being under 20 microns, Number 2 between 21-22.9 microns, and so on. The fleece is graded for luster, uniformity, tenderness, lock style and density. Then any comments from the sorter, good or bad ie too dirty, too long, too much VM. This information was news that I could use. No histogram has ever told me so much. These statistics will also help me make better breeding decisions. What male will help this female make a "better baby"? Now, I am having my stud males' fiber sorted, too. Who of them will be a future daddy for the cria of Enterprise Alpacas?

I have added these statistics to the females that were included in this clip and hope that you find them as interesting as I did. They are: Allison, Roselyn, Nicola, Carmen, Catalina, Epatha, Michelle, and Fantasia. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the farm!

Enterprise Alpacas is located about 25 miles northeast of Boise, Idaho. We found the little town of Emmett while searching the Interness for a farm-friendly area that would be good alpaca territory. After living all our adult lives in the city, my husband, Carlos, and I wanted to move to the country, raise some animals and live a quiet, peaceful life. When we discovered alpacas, we knew we could "make it so."

2013 marks our 8th year of raising. alpacas. We have gone from one pregnant suri alpaca female and her old hucaya gelding companion to over 30 animals. We sold some, we bought some, we had some babies (mostly female). We are now at 19 females and 5 stud males. We bought the Pachamama herd when our dear friend Madriene Lovering suddenly passed away. We took her "Mostly Macgyver" herd and bred some and sold some. There are a few left, even a couple of Macgyver daughters, Laid Back Betty and Nicola. Both are dark colors that do Mac proud. We added Blade to our Stud Row. He is a very dark shiny brown son of Bolivian Cassanova. He is a calm, steady boy and we like to breed that temperament into our cria. It does seem to be inheritable. Macgyver's bloodline is known for gentle personalities, too.

Call or email us to discuss the outstanding merits of any of our alpacas. It is possible for you to pick the stud appropriate for your female purchase. All females come bred and with a free breedback offer. If any female has a cria at side, that cria is part of the purchase and you still get a bred female and a free breedback.

We hope to hear from you soon! Any correspondence to Enterprise Alpacas is answered PROMPTLY

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